[plug] Recycling apps and so on

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Sun May 13 16:32:25 AWST 2018


I'm just wondering if any pluggers have tried or use waste recycling apps ?

I assumed you would shoot a picture of a product label (not barcode) from the
app and be told if it can go in the recycling bin (based on your postcode). If
the image match fails, a page asks for details to update the DB (community
driven data).

All the image crunchery and DB would be done in the cloud on our favorite OS
(to keep tenuously on-topic).

Most apps seem to be lists of generic things (tyres, batteries) with contact
details that I could print on a piece of paper. Do I expect too much smart
from my phone ?

All the best

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