[plug] IBM BigBlue + RedHat

Lawrence Lau drlawrencelau at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 06:39:40 AWST 2019

Was at the IBM+AI/IoT meetup last night, one staffer said they had just
completed the acquisition.

Potentially a sponsor or promotor of the Quiz night .... but if you wanted
a REAL challenge, allow for Mumble on-line participation and see whether
their NLP (natural language parser) can handle the quiz .... This is a
variation of the Chinese room argument against strong AI

If PLUG can figure out whether the Turing Test voice on the other end is
human or computer then the geeks win. Of course need to limit the knowledge
domain somewhat, perhaps  ESR HackerHandbook, general history of CompSci
and Oz Sci-Fi films.

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