[plug] Hi everyone

Linda Ray internetdynamics at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 10:59:07 AWST 2019

Hello Brad, Joe, Benjamin, everyone

I saw the discussion about installing Debian Buster 10 on laptops though other parts of the conversation are above my pay grade lol.. I also, not to sidetrack you, did the same install on two laptops, an older Dell 2012 Latitude one which has gone well with wifi connecting but the other on the Toshiba Satellite laptop probably 2015 (would have to check) I have been trying to sort out since. It is connecting to the ethernet cable temporarily in use and been following different threads on the internet.. some very confusing as lots of debian links and links are too. The network manager doesn’t allow for the option to enable wifi on the panel I added it to .. and I tried wcid among other things and this shows one of the wifi services being picked up but not holding the connection . 
If anyone can help me either by mobile phone, live in baldivis currently, if I don’t get it sorted today, please let me know. I have spent too many hours on different installs. And mucking around since. I had no problems in the end with the Debian Stretch and network manager but not with this install on my laptop. 

Hope the other sorting is going well. I created a live full disc install for the amd64, despite having a damaged CD drive, by purchasing an external powered DVD drive which works well. I did have a debian Stretch install on a USB done for me by a good coder on Linux friend from over east but I ruined that at one too. 

I have an iPad that I use as well. Let me know if you can help once I get through trying to sort today and I can always supply information from the terminal where I mostly use sudo for root access unless it needs sudo su on occasions. 

Kind regards
Linda Ray

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