[plug] LCA2014 closing speaker?

Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Sat Feb 23 18:43:44 AWST 2019

Random Question Without Notice:

Who was the final speaker (before Arjen Lentz talking about Blue Hackers)
on the last day of LCA2014?

He was British, spoke about trust, hacking CPU microcode and dealing with
how you could not protect yourself against your hardware being intercepted
on the way from your supplier in order to ensure that you got what they
shipped if there was enough interest in subverting your hardware.
Essentially, you have to decide at some point that you trust something.

I have been hunting through archive.org and I'm stuffed if I can find
anything, let alone locate a video of his mind bending talk.


finger painting on glass is an inexact art - apologies for any errors in
this scra^Hibble

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