[plug] Fwd: RFT - Mail Migration (RFT2019-11 r2)

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Tue Nov 19 14:57:21 AWST 2019

Hey everyone,

A reminder for the Request for Tender - Mail Migration (RFT2019-11 r2)

The deadline is this Friday 22nd at 5 PM(If you are close we could extend
it over the weekend.

If you have any questions email us or if you would like to discuss on the
phone we can do that also:)

Thanks Paul and Benjamin

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 14:09:57 +0800
From: Benjamin <zorlin at gmail.com>
To: PLUG mailing list <plug at plug.org.au>
Subject: [plug] Request for Tender - Mail Migration (RFT2019-11 r2)

Hi everyone,

We have some paid work available on migrating and modernising some of our
services - in particular, our email infrastructure.

Details are in the attached PDF but the executive summary is that we need
someone to build and document a complete mail stack to make it possible for
us to move our servers and services around more easily.

If you are interested, please email admin at plug.org.au as mentioned in the
RFT. We will notify all applicants once someone has been chosen to
undertake the work.

~ Benjamin Arntzen
PLUG Chair 2019
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