[plug] SBC with 32gb ram

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Fri Nov 22 13:59:40 AWST 2019

On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 1:26 PM Bill Kenworthy <billk at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Overkill - not really. The calculations show I need at least 16G (its
> currently using ~11G).  I was using an odroid-n2 with 4G ram - slowed to a
> crawl when it hit swap and eventually crashed.  I moved the master to a
> much more powerful intel server with 32mb and it has crashed once but I was
> hammering it (graphs show it ran out of ram - need to check if the OOM is
> disabled on that one).  Cheats like moving swap and the mfs directories to
> a usb3 connected SSD helped (4-5 times faster than an SD card), but
> eventually fell short.
> I have 10 disks (~26Tb) spread across 5, soon to be 6 low power odroids
> and an intel atom.  The problem came when I put two copies of 20+ years
> email (millions of smallish files) on it and then reconfigured the mail
> server to use one copy.   Yes, I know ...self inflicted! But it did work
> for a few days! :)
> There are some guide calculations on the moosefs website that match what I
> am seeing for usage and support why I want at least 32G.  There are still
> some shortcuts I could use (go back to putting the small files in a qemu
> virtual disk) but that had its own issues.  I see some emails on the
> moosefs website about masters with hundreds of G ram!
> billK
> A H2 will take 32GB of ram:

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