[plug] Which Hardware & Where to buy for Linux desktop in Perth?

Daniel daniel at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 16 13:22:26 AWST 2020

Hi Plug
I’m a keen but low skilled Linux user.
Buying a brand new desktop computer especially for Linux is a challenge because I can’t seem to find a hardware compatibility list that’s up to date nor a Perth pc shop who are Linux aware. 

I was thinking of downloading the new beta of Ubuntu 20.04 and asking a shop if they had any prebuilt desktop computers if they could test them (paying them I guess) but this seems a bit extreme. 

I am thinking of a virtualisation compliant CPU and motherboard with a GPU that can output to a TV (is audio over HDMI a possibility?) as well as a regular screen. 
I believe there may be some combinations that work better together for virtualisation ...

Any suggestions on what to get and where to buy locally? (I need them to build it)

Any ideas would be a great help

Thank you 


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