[plug] Which Hardware & Where to buy for Linux desktop in Perth?

Byron Hammond byronester at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 13:55:03 AWST 2020

Hi Daniel

I'm a long time Linux user and know the uncertainty you are dealing with.
If it makes it any easier, I can provide the specs of my recently purchased
system which I use Ubuntu Mate 19.10 with.
Everything works as expected, even Linux gaming.
As others have said though, you should be fine with whatever you get, but I
would avoid the latest and greatest features that may not yet have support.

Bought from PLE Computers, but you will probably find it cheaper elsewhere.

PLE-620292 Intel Thermal Solution TS15A LGA1151 CPU Cooler (BXTS15A) 1.00
$49.00 $4.45 $49.00
PLE-629393 Intel Core i5 8600K 3.6GHz Coffee Lake 9MB No HSF 1.00 $374.00
$34.00 $374.00 Retail Box (BX80684I58600K)
PLE-626123 MSI GeForce GTX1050Ti Gaming X 4GB GDDR5 (GTX 1.00 $299.00
$27.18 $299.00 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G)
PLE-616946 Fractal Design Define R5 Black Mid Tower Case (FD- 1.00 $174.00
$15.82 $174.00 CA-DEF-R5-BK)
PLE-624498 G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Trident Z 3200MHz (F4- 1.00 $349.00
$31.73 $349.00 3200C16D-16GTZSW)
PLE-630936 eVGA SuperNOVA G1+ 650W Fully Modular 80PLUS Gold Power Supply
(120-GP-0650-X4) 1.00 $159.00 $14.45 $159.00
PLE-629489 MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC LGA1151-CL ATX 1.00 $349.00 $31.73
$349.00 Desktop Motherboard (Z370 GAMING PRO AC)

Best of luck

On Thu, 16 Apr 2020 at 13:41, William Kenworthy <billk at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> On 16/4/20 1:31 pm, Andrew Innes wrote:
> Audio over HDMI should work
> Is there any problem with getting a HP or Dell workstation and just
> shoving in a AMD Radeon card?
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> In the old days we would take in a livecd or USB stick and boot
> sysrescuecd, ubuntu or other favorite distros live system in and ask if
> they could boot it up.
> Most modern hardware works out of the box, but [b]leeding edge can take
> longer to get drivers etc.  Check the distros forums for current issues.
> BillK
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