[plug] VPN over 320U dongle

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 20 08:01:25 AWST 2020

have you checked:

1. firewall has been configured for the vpn (probably not here but a 
good firewall will usually block RFC private address ranges from the 
Internet - not what you want in this case)

2. are the routing metrics correct?

3. you can ping the far end of the tunnel (IP)

4. is openvpn is running in the same configuration both ends (that is, 
they are compatible configurations - can give rise to what you are 
describing) - also check out openvpn's routing gotchas networks behind 
the vpn.


On 20/4/20 7:09 am, Steve Baker wrote:
> Unfortunately that's not it either. The OpenVPN server is in the 
> 192.168 block, Telstra uses the 10.x block.
> My office VPN _is_ on the 10.x block, but I think it is a /24 netmask 
> and different network address to the dongle IP address.
> Regards,
> Steve
> On 19/4/20 11:16 pm, Ian Kent wrote:
>> On Tue, 2020-04-14 at 13:39 +0800, Steve Baker wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Here is another VPN question. I am using OpenVPN on my laptop to
>>> connect
>>> to a couple of different target networks. When I am connected to
>>> ethernet or wireless, I have no issues. If I connect the laptop to
>>> the
>>> Telstra 4G Mobilenet WWAN using a Sierra Wireless 320U dongle, the
>>> OpenVPN says that it connects fine, but it refuses to carry any
>>> traffic.
>> Conflict in the OpenVPN server client address range perhaps ...?
>> I remember that an old "3" phone network used 10. range within the
>> phone network. Might be worth checking what address gets assigned
>> against VPN assigned addresses on working connections against what
>> gets assigned on the WWAN connection.
>> It might not even be obvious if the network uses a broad netmask.
>>> If I hot-spot my phone, also on Telstra 4G, and connect the laptop
>>> via
>>> wireless, it all works fine.
>>> Apart from this issue, everything else seems to work. Web browsing
>>> (http/https) and emailing (POP/SSL, SMTP/TLS) have no issues. I
>>> haven't
>>> tried other applications as I usually use those over the VPN.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Regards,
>>> Steve
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