[plug] iiNet slowdown?

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Mon Apr 27 20:26:41 AWST 2020

Hi Bill,

I have 50/20 FTTP in Ardross with iiNet, and its pretty consistent for
the last 30 days or so, with one blip on 8th Apr. From my Unifi kit,
that sends probes regularly:



On 27/04/2020 4:26 pm, William Kenworthy wrote:
> Is anyone who is using iiNet FTTP seen a speed drop since Friday?
> My 100/40 NBN link through iiNet which can run as high as 95/37 is
> currently running at 22/32 - this is using a number of speedtest
> servers including iiNets and is consistent no matter what time I run
> it at.  Before Friday it was fine, if a bit up and down since earlier
> that week.
> What I am asking is - "is it just me"?
> BillK
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