[plug] Raspberry Jam

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Fri Aug 7 15:13:12 AWST 2020


On 22/7/20 10:29 am, M S R Wood wrote:
> Next month PLUG is organising a Raspberry Jam.
> Do you think Raspberry Pis are a great idea, but need help getting started?
> Do you have a Raspberry Pi project that you would like to show to others?

For anyone that now needs more access to remote servers than they anticipated 
even six months ago [..] I came across this little project:


and also found support for VGA (more for PLUG Talk screen streaming):


James Henstridge has a similar HDMI capture dongle and Nick and I plan to try 
this with TinyPilot at the Raspberry Jam.

I'd be interested in any feedback if someone has already tried TinyPilot or 
installs it on a Pi to evaluate.

> Come and join us at Riff/Spacecubed, 45 St Georges Terrace on Tuesday,
> 11 August - 18:00 - 21:00
> Bring your own Laptop, Pi (if you have one)  & Power supply; we will
> have power boards to plug into.

All the best

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