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William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 10 13:49:53 AWST 2020

Or pay a small amount more and use an odroid N2 (6 arm cores, 4 G ram)
and run the services via LXC.  I have a dav server, an asterisk PABX,
internet facing web server, slave dns, email and a radicale calendar
server plus a buildhost all in lxc on a single N2.  Everything including
asterisk runs well on a gentoo-sources kernel and a re-purposed Gentoo
aarch64 raspberry pi user-land from my old pi 3B.  An Odroid c4 will
also work - note both of these have USB3 if you want to run extra usb
network adaptors.  The n2 is running a bridge for LXC to the VLAN
segmented networks while the C4 I have (odroid 4.14 kernel, gentoo
aarch64 userland) is using 2 bridged USB 3 WiFi adaptors to vlans all
without problems.  A major performance boost (at least 3x over an SD
card in my tests) is had using the odroid eMMC storage, though the pi's
have a sata hat available - I have tried using usb storage and usb
networking together on both pies and odroids and its a serious no-no :)
- corruption and really bad performance when busy).  The standard odroid
OS is ubuntu and it can apparently also use raspian.

Any pi less than a 4 will suffer from poor network performance (it all
goes through an internal, under-powered USB2 hub), though I have used pi
1B's for all the above services in the past.  Going on my experience, a
pi less than a 4 will do ok for a not very busy home server but wont do
well for routing and a pi 4 should be better at networking whereas the
more powerful odroid units will do it better, perhaps to small
enterprise level with the right storage.  see
https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-c4/ (the page for the older n2 i
have uses a pi3 for the comparison, the newer N2+ is here


On 10/8/20 12:58 pm, Russell Pereira wrote:
> Hey pluggers,
> Just wondering what pi you recommend for Web server, vpn server, file
> server, router and a firewall.
> Was thinking seperate pies for each one and was wondering which
> model(s) would be best. I have a esberrybpi 3 with 1gb ram but figure
> it is a bit under powered.
> Thanks 
> Russ
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