[plug] OOB access for headless systems

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Fri Aug 14 10:50:52 AWST 2020


    I have quite a few virtual and hardware based virtual systems where
many have unexpectedly failed an update that's affected an openssh
dependency so I cant login via ssh.

While the virtual systems use LXC and I can access then via lxc-attach,
for the hardware I have to pull sdcards and hard drives etc to manually
recover so I thought I would ask what is available these days to address
remote access failure using OOB (out of band) access.  In the past I
would have used a commercial terminal server and console connections or
a second recovery OS with a cut over boot on typical failures but
perhaps there is a Raspberry Pi based solution or something I have not
thought of.

Bill K.

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