[plug] musing on HDD types

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sat Apr 24 09:01:57 AWST 2021

Just musing on what changes I could make to streamline my systems:

After a recent stray "r m  - r f " with a space in it I ended up
removing both most of my active data files, VM's etc ... and the online
backups - ouch!

I have restored from offline backups and have noticed a ~10years old WD
green drive showing a few early symptoms of failing (SMART).

With the plethora of colours now available (!) now what drive is best for a:

    1. moosefs chunkserver (stores files for VM's, data including the
mail servers user files, home directories and of course the online
borgbackup archives - the disks are basically hammered all the time.)

    2. offline backups (~2tb data using borgbackup to backup the online
borgbackup repo, used twice a week for a few minutes at a time.)

My longest serving drives are WD greens 2Tb which until now have just
keep ticking along.  The failing drive is a WD Green - I have run
badblocks on it overnight with no errors so far so it might have
internally remapped the failed sectors ok - I am using xfs which does
not have badblock support.  Most drives spent previous years in btrfs
raid 10's or ceph so they have had a hard life!

Newer WD Reds and a Red pro have failed over the years but I still have
two in the mix (6tb and 2tb)

Some Seagate Ironwolfs that show some SMART errors Backblaze correlate
with drive failure and throw an occasional USB interface error but
otherwise seem OK.

There are shingled, non-shingled drives, surveillance, NAS flavours etc.
- but what have people had success with? - or should I just choose my
favourite colour and run with it?



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