[plug] musing on HDD types (William Kenworthy)

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Sun Apr 25 13:02:56 AWST 2021

Hello Bill

My 2 cents worth

I am sure you know the common things that can increase your hard drives
life and performance:
Heavy Writes
Heaving Logging
Clean/Reliable power
Data throughput

The rust hard drives I have seen the most failures with are: (I recommend
WD Green
WD Blue
Hitachi Deskstar
(Not The server drives)

The rust hard drives I recommend the most are:
WD Black 7200rpm or better
Seagate 7200pm or better
(Not Red, Blue, Green, Purple)

If you are doing the moose distribute setup
You could always choose two different brands/types

if you want to know more specific things about which hard drive failures.
Check out this from backblaze, I am sure there's more around. Which is one
Benjamin sent around ages ago.

Thanks Paul

On Sat, 24 Apr 2021, 09:02 William Kenworthy, <billk at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Just musing on what changes I could make to streamline my systems:
> After a recent stray "r m  - r f " with a space in it I ended up
> removing both most of my active data files, VM's etc ... and the online
> backups - ouch!
> I have restored from offline backups and have noticed a ~10years old WD
> green drive showing a few early symptoms of failing (SMART).
> With the plethora of colours now available (!) now what drive is best for
> a:
>     1. moosefs chunkserver (stores files for VM's, data including the
> mail servers user files, home directories and of course the online
> borgbackup archives - the disks are basically hammered all the time.)
>     2. offline backups (~2tb data using borgbackup to backup the online
> borgbackup repo, used twice a week for a few minutes at a time.)
> My longest serving drives are WD greens 2Tb which until now have just
> keep ticking along.  The failing drive is a WD Green - I have run
> badblocks on it overnight with no errors so far so it might have
> internally remapped the failed sectors ok - I am using xfs which does
> not have badblock support.  Most drives spent previous years in btrfs
> raid 10's or ceph so they have had a hard life!
> Newer WD Reds and a Red pro have failed over the years but I still have
> two in the mix (6tb and 2tb)
> Some Seagate Ironwolfs that show some SMART errors Backblaze correlate
> with drive failure and throw an occasional USB interface error but
> otherwise seem OK.
> There are shingled, non-shingled drives, surveillance, NAS flavours etc.
> - but what have people had success with? - or should I just choose my
> favourite colour and run with it?
> Thoughts?
> BillK
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