[plug] Getting Linux to work on old computers

Steve Foreman plutowa at iinet.net.au
Mon Dec 27 11:42:33 AWST 2021

Hi Charles,

I have come across similar situations with digital literacy clients with 
older kit. So far, the only install fails have been caused by locked 
down bios. So, unfortunately my advice is not going to be of much help. 
I just wanted you to know your not the only person out there doing this 
sort of work, and I'm interested in the eventual solution to your problem.

Thank you for bringing it up.

Steve Foreman

On 25/12/21 9:46 am, charles todd wrote:
> A number of old NEC computers (Windows Vista era) have arrived in my 
> workshop and I am keen to install Linux on these for use in Senior 
> Centres.
> Although these work with Vista and Windows 7, I cannot get any of the 
> computers to install Linux. Trials so far include:-
>  1. USB with various Linux Distros, eg Mint, Ubuntu failed to boot.
>  2. A purchased custom USB for Linux also failed. This was designed
>     for "old" computers.
>  3. The USB ports are working, I have installed Windows without
>     problems. The installation disk was recognised by the computer and
>     showed all the files present.
>  4. Linux was installed on a DVD disk (right-click iso etc.) The Disk
>     drive was working and the installation disk initially stated Linux
>     on the monitor, then a box was displayed with Linux options. The
>     box was not active using any key on the keypad including the TAB
>     key suggested.
>  5. A second disc was made using another Linux Distro which performed
>     as the first.
>  6. Recommendations on the Linux pages suggest disabling the "fast
>     boot" There does not appear to be a fast boot option.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards
> Charles
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