[plug] Online mid-LCA Linux user group meeting - starting now, Sunday 2021-01-24 1430 AWST

Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sun Jan 24 14:26:19 AWST 2021

Andrew Pam 10:13 AM
Greetings Perth!  Is PLUG still going strong?  LUV has really struggled
during 2020, and I'm planning to have an online meeting at 5:30pm
tonight to discuss whether user groups are still relevant and if so what
we can do to bring them back this year.
The meeting will be on the LUV BBB server if you're interested:


LUV-ly room
You have been invited to join LUV-ly room using BigBlueButton. To join,
click the link above and enter your name.
That's Melbourne time of course!  2:30pm WA time.


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