[plug] EmacsConf 2021 Alternate Stream for APAC timezones

Yuchen Pei ycp at gnu.org
Sun Nov 14 21:00:22 AWST 2021

Hello everyone,

EmacsConf[1] is the annual conference about the joy of Emacs, 
Emacs Lisp, and memorising key bindings. It is a conference for 
people of all levels and backgrounds.

[1]: https://emacsconf.org/

The 2021 Edition[2] will take place 27th-28th November online. To 
help make the conference more accessible, LibreAustralia will be 
streaming[3] a subset of the talks with hours favourable to APAC 
timezones on Sunday 28th Nov.

[2]: https://emacsconf.org/2021
[3]: https://libreau.org/upcoming.html#emacsconf21

Just like the main stream, we will be utilising IRC (#libreau at 
libera.chat) for discussions. If you are not familiar with IRC 
and/or prefer to using something "webby", we will provide a 
webchat (to be posted later when it is ready for use).

We will also use Etherpad for (async) Q&As. The link to the pad 
will be posted closer to the event.

Some speakers may also be able to attend live Q&A. More on that 

For more information, as well as the (provisional) schedule, head 
to <https://libreau.org/upcoming.html#emacsconf21>.

Hope to see you there!


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