[plug] unable to use secure email connection to iinet

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sun Dec 4 07:15:50 AWST 2022

Hi William

I had this problem using fetchmail, and emailed iiNet support (copy 
below) with my solution. Obviously they haven't managed to fix it :-(

Hi Support

Did you change the TLS settings on mail.iinet.net.au (POP3) on or about 
Saturday the 5th of November?

 From sometime on the 5th of November, I have been unable to retrieve 
emails from mail.iinet.net.au using POP3 and TLS1, getting an error 
*mail.iinet.net.au: upgrade to TLS failed.*

Changing to TLS1.2 also doesn't work on mail.iinet.net.au, with the 
error *OpenSSL reported: error:141A318A:SSL 
routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small*

I have finally got email working again by changing to POP3 on 
mail.westnet.com.au, where TLS1.2 is working correctly.

Hope that helps...


On 3/12/2022 9:26 pm, William Kenworthy wrote:
> Hi, is anyone able to retrieve email from iinet using SSL/TLS for 
> either POP3 or IMAP using getmail or fetchmail since their changes on 
> the 7th Nov?  I had to remove SSL/TLS after this date to get it 
> working - so plain text :(
> I am currently using openssl 1.1.1q, python 3.10.8 and getmail.  I was 
> originally using fetchmail but that didn't work either.  The errors 
> vary depending on whether POP3 is used (something like dh too short) 
> to unknown SSL version for IMAP (even when specifying TLS1.2) on ports 
> 143 or 993.  Testing using openssl s_client doesn't give any clues.
> BillK
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