[plug] Audio/Video hack session

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Tue Feb 15 20:46:42 AWST 2022

I'd like to hold a hack session to try and improve the AV system PLUG
uses to record and broadcast talks.

I would suggest holding it on one of the weekends before the next
meeting: i.e. one of the next three weekends.  I am happy to hold the
event at my home (located in the CBD with easy public transport
access, some street parking close by, reasonably fast Internet, air
conditioning). I'd tentatively suggest Sunday 27th February, but would
be open to other dates that would fit other people's schedules.

There are a number of things I'd like to work on that cover many skill levels:
* Reinstall the OS on the AV master laptop to a modern Linux distro release.
* Test the setup process for getting set up to broadcast a talk with
* Experiment with OBS Studio as an alternative to BBB.
* Make a better looking background image to use when rendering talk
videos (i.e. something to replace
* Make a short PLUG title card video to prepend to recordings.

If you'd be interested in attending, please indicate what dates would
be most convenient. I can provide the address to attendees privately
once we've locked in a date.


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