[plug] Recommendations for a new PC and dust filters on cases (fwd)

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Wed Jul 1 21:17:03 WST 1998

My opinion:
> 1)	Which system represents the best value for money?
A P-II will _probably_ be a better buy because it will be worth more in
3 or 4 years.

> 2)	Does linux (Redhat 5 & 5.1) support AGP cards?
Tell us when you find out!

> 3)	Will linux have any problems with any of the mentioned hardware?

> 4)	how does a K6 and K6-II compare to a pentiumII?
Intel say pin-grid-array CPUs are dead - not enough area for heat
dissipation, not enough connections.  Alpha use pga at 800 MHz and they
kick out LOTS of heat.

> 5)	in system I does "AMD K6 266 MMX @ 3x100Mhz" mean the cpu 
> 	is overclocked and what are the consequences if it is?
Sounds like it.  Maybe the CPU will die - high speed = more heat.

Good prices.  Like the sound of the filter.

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