[plug] Ping...? Ahem, PING!

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Fri Jul 3 08:40:51 WST 1998

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Leon Brooks wrote:

> 1. [*] Keep it on Monday but move it to the Computer Club   <-- my vote!
> B. [*] Make it normally a bazaar/clinic/freeforall format

> Points for the UCC: space; food/drink onsite (including networked drinks
> machine with Jolt); en-passant membership from the club; history at
> hand; network, spares and other facilites at hand.
> Points against the UCC: disabled access is hopeless; lacking
> professional polish; 11PM curfew.

Good :)
> Points for CompSci: more respectable, whole computing lab potentially
> available, OHPs etc at hand.

Not really necessary if we go to the "freeforall" format :)

> Points for bazaar/fooforaw format: actual problems get solved on spot;
> more people contribute; DEC (sorry, Compaq) already provide the other
> format; it's more "linux style."

I agree .... As long as we have one "professional" meeting that we can
advertise to get new members in then the other meeting can be more fun.  This
would also lighten the load on talkd :) one talk per month is much easier than
2 per month.

Yours Tony.

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