[plug] Meetings at other than DEC.

Tom Atkinson tom at tyco.net.au
Sat Jul 4 18:34:03 WST 1998

Mondays is good.  Now, my brother and I can attend our first PLUG meeting!
He is local Caldera reseller whose office is in Osborne Park;  I am
"system administrator" in the Kevron group of companies who has now got
about 4 Linux systems in place there with more to come...

On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, chris mcdonald wrote:

> BB> What happend to Mondays (I missed a few mails)? Monday was voted best
> BB> day so I think if we cant do Monday at CompSci we should try monday
> BB> somewhere else and/or redo the vote for day.
> I'm afraid that I can't make Monday nights now, and have been unable to
> find another of our staff members to stay behind and "mind" the building.
> Clearly, if Mondays are required by the masses, PLUG should go that
> way;  else our venue is available for Tue->Thu.
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