[plug] Recommendations for a new PC and dust filters on cases (fwd)

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Sun Jul 5 10:32:16 WST 1998

spice at roulette.q-net.net.au wrote:
> 5)      in system I does "AMD K6 266 MMX @ 3x100Mhz" mean the cpu
>         is overclocked and what are the consequences if it is?


If you ever become a speed-freak, try "100MHz" RAM though; it seems to
make a significant difference to P2/3XX-based Windoze systems.

>         - honeywell keyboard
>         - MS imtellimouse

Not honeywell mouse? I have and enjoy one. It only has two buttons, but
wheels instead of a ball. There are several kinds. Get one, if you do,
that has large wheels set crosswise under the back edge of the buttons,
NOT small wheels or set along the longest axis of the mouse. Mine has
been very reliable, and works on any surface (face of screen, my leg,
underside of desk, wall). I haven't tested it personally, but it is
reputed to be reasonably coffee-resistant as well. The AGPO have
replaced the MS mice on their public browsers with mice like mine,
obviously old, grotty and second-hand, but evidently better for public
use (no ball to clean or have stolen).

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