[plug] Another Sexy monitor

Doug Clulow clulow at upnaway.com
Mon Jul 6 18:32:54 WST 1998

Terry Porter wrote:

> Hi ,
>      I purchased a sexy  Apple 17" Trinitron digi control monitor from
> Ross's Salvage in Maylands (www.discount.com.au) and its perf under
> X at 1024x768 at 76Hz.

I have just sent off a cheque to Adelaide for $50.00 for a 20" DEC Colour
Monitor with BNC connectors.. after hearing that they could actually be made
to work at a plug meeting, I thought I'd take the risk. (I am an electronics
technician, so possibly a certain advantage there!)  Looking forward to
bringing it to a meeting to hopefully show it off in all its glory, but if
not, to get some tips so I can get it going.Doug

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