[plug] Red Hat 5.1

Paul Wilson hooker at opera.iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 7 12:20:52 WST 1998

> From: Gavin Tweedie <tweedie at nw.com.au>
> Are you looking to borrrow a copy or buy one?
> if buying, 'the computer superstore' was advertising redhat linux in
> classified add in sats west. (Im sture others sell it but theres was the
> only one i noticed advertising it)
> If you wish to borrow there are plenty of us with the cds which can lend
> them to you.
> Gavin

I'd prefer to buy a copy - it's for corporate use (a mini database with
Perl scripts automatically building web pages offline and squirting them up
to an ISPs web server). I've just ordered it from Computer Cash & Carry.


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