[plug] Recommendations for a new PC and dust filters on cases (fwd)

Brett Manners bmanners at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Wed Jul 8 15:25:19 WST 1998

Thanks for the advice everyone.
I ended up getting a K6 233MHz with 32MB SDRAM
3.2 GB hdd, 24x cdrom, 15" monitor, 2MB ATI Rage II+ 
video card, 56Kb modem, win95, lotus smartsuite and 
IBM antivirus. (didn't get the honeywell mouse 
either :-( maybe later)

My next question is how do I change my single 3.2Gb partition
to a smaller size without losing all the stuff that was pre-loaded
onto the PC? would I be correct in saying that fips can't handle
a FAT32 partition (I have win 95 OSR2 with a FAT32 partition)?
I intend to buy partition magic when I can afford to but want to
get linux going in the mean time.
Are there any other programs that can do the job for me or will
I have to delete the partition and reload everything?

Thanks for the help
Brett Manners
bmanners at tartarus.uwa.edu.au

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