[plug] Come to the masquerade ball . . .

Jean-Paul Blaquiere japester at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Thu Jul 9 22:12:48 WST 1998

> On Jul 09, John Darrington scrawled :
> Howto tonight.  If I don't get it working tomorrow, people are going to loose 
> confidence and might resurrect their Wingate, and that's one piece of software
> which I really don't want to see again.  So if anyone can think of anything 
> amazingly useful, then send me a message tonight.
> In the mean time, can anyone think of how to set the gateway up, so that it
> will dial the ppp link on demand, and shut it down after a pre-determined 
> inactivity period?
a certain package called diald.  available under your fav flavour of linux. :)
there are many docs etc on it's usage.

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