[plug] Come to the masquerade ball . . .

Ian Kent root at linux.org.au
Thu Jul 9 12:08:53 WST 1998

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, John Darrington wrote:

> Well thanks to Gary and others who filled me in on all the idiosyncrasies
> of  IP routing and masquerading.
> I was of course aware that 192.168.*.* was for private networks, but didn't 
> realise this was enforced by the software.  I thought its was just convention.
> A little thought, would have revealed that it couldn't possibly work like this,
> but hey, I'm only a programmer!
> The story so far:  
> I got everything working perfectly.  Then I rebooted. And it doesn't work any 
> more .  I can't remember what I did to get it working!  So I have got to read the
> Howto tonight.  If I don't get it working tomorrow, people are going to loose 
> confidence and might resurrect their Wingate, and that's one piece of software
> which I really don't want to see again.  So if anyone can think of anything 
> amazingly useful, then send me a message tonight.
> In the mean time, can anyone think of how to set the gateway up, so that it
> will dial the ppp link on demand, and shut it down after a pre-determined 
> inactivity period?

Diald does well.

Its included with Redhat and readily available.

You are a bit ambitious, taking on a project like without previous 
experience setting it up.

I am doing the same for a friend of mine right now and I have had quite a
few issues to deal with.

I am not going to try to talk about it here. Setting up a gateway server
is not simple!

If this machine is exposed to the inrternet then you should also have some
packet filters at least.

On the other hand if you have a registered domain name and a fixed IP
address then maybe I should be quiet? 

> Ciao
> John

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