[plug] The UCC as a meeting place, Assassin's CS vote

Nick Rohrlach nick at smartis.com.au
Fri Jul 10 10:14:32 WST 1998

>They have an existing junk-food reticulation and accounting system
>including an on-line Cake machine stocked with things like Jolt. If
>anyone's feeling ambitious, they might like to assist the UCC with
>putting their snack machine on-line too.

One problem.....we don't actually have a working Snack machine - the
getting online part would be the easier bit.  However if any PLUG people
can get access to a cheap one for us we'd be eternally grateful.  At the
moment all our snacks are either in the tool cupboard or being cooled
(in the case of chocolate) in the fridge with Viper stocks.

Unfortunately can't remember the URL off hand but we have a web
interface to finger the coke machine  where you can see what's in there
at the moment

Nick - UCC Secretary

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