[plug] FINAL VOTE COUNT for 4th-Monday meetings

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Sun Jul 12 07:56:32 WST 1998

No votes were seen by me since the last summary posting. If you voted on
news:wa.plug, I couldn't even find my own posted announcement in there
(and might have a word with Telstra about that) so please email it to me
in case there are dozens of you and it changes the result.

WINNER>	1      11.6667			78% <WINNER
	2       1.5			10%
	3       1.8333			12%
	  i             1.3333
	  ii            2.3333
	  iii           1.3333
	4       0			NIL
	       ----			----
	Total  15			100%

	A       0.6667			 4%
WINNER>	B      13.6667			91% <WINNER
	C       0.6667			 4%
	       ----			----
	Total  15			99% (rounding error)

I kept the emails and check for duplicates (thanks John D for reminding
me). My own vote is not included.

Partial votes are where a box has not been crossed but some comment has
been made like "don't care when, but..." which indicates that any of the
categories across which I split the vote would be OK. 3i..3iii are
"subvotes," that is, apportioned between i..iii without regard to the
portion of the original vote that fell on 3 as a whole.

A few of the voting methods employed are, well, unique... (-:

The winning time-and-place option is: "Monday nights at the UCC."

I propose that we start these at 6:30 since:

	(1) it's the existing time for Mondays, as instituted by Chris
	(2) start time doesn't matter much to the UCC
	(3) coming late wouldn't interrupt anything
	(4) some people will find the relatively early start useful

The winning style option, by an avalanche (ie, all of the other votes
were don't cares) is "bazaar/freeforall."

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