[plug] Vote as at Wednesday morning

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Thu Jul 9 08:42:18 WST 1998

By wednesday (09jul) morning... and it still looks like a landslide, but
the occasional alternative is turning up...

	1      11.6667
	2       1.5
	3       1.8333
	  i             1.3333
	  ii            2.3333
	  iii           1.3333
	4       0
	Total  14

	A       0.6667
	B      13.6667
	C       0.6667
	Total  14

Voting will close on Friday (10jul) at NOON.

I keep the emails and check for duplicates (thanks John D for reminding
me). My own vote is not included.

Partial votes are where a box has not been crossed but some comment has
been made like "don't care when, but..." which indicates that any of the
categories across which I split the vote would be OK. 3i..3iii are
"subvotes," that is, apportioned between i..iii without regard to the
portion of the original vote that fell on 3 as a whole.

A few of the voting methods employed are, well, unique... (-:

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