[plug] Does anyone know how to change bulk filenames...

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Mon Jul 13 11:02:17 WST 1998

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, David Buddrige wrote:

> file1.txt
> file2.txt
> file3.txt
> then the command
> ren *.txt *.doc


for FILE in *.txt
mv $FILE `echo $FILE|sed 's,\.txt$,\.doc'`

> have tried a number of combinations using rm to facilitate the same result,
> but cannot figure out how to do this?  can someone give me a hand?

rm removes (deletes) files, is that really what you want?
> Also, does anyone know of a linux based file-management tool similar to
> windoze explorer or win 3.11 file-manager?  

I've had a quick look at tkdesk, which doesn't look too bad. Also, if
you're familiar with Norton Utilities, give "mc" (midnight commander) a
go. (or even if you're not, but haven't tried mc, try it anyway, it may do
what you want)

 - Matt

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