[plug] Clone Cyclades almost

Luigi Cantoni lui at stm0001.dialix.oz.au
Mon Jul 13 11:31:59 WST 1998

> tony at ballist.net.au wrote:
> > Well after a lot of swearing and the offer of a trip around Perth around
> > 10PM I finally got this sucker broken in.
> > Firsly the card is actually a PCCOM 8 port RISC card.  Well made little
> > card and cheap.  The docs suck big time and once you realise they have
> > hacked the cyclades driver, you will still have problems as there driver
> > doesn't work quite right either.  Then what devices they tell you to make
> > is wrong.
> > In the end, it all turns out very simple to get it running.  A decent half
> > pager and the correct driver would it.  I guess it would be an idea to put
> > things like this on ftp.linux.org.au....Gary???
> There is already such a thing on ftp://ftp.smileys.net/linux because I
> also installed one of these horrid little suckers.
I use the PCCOM dumb cards with 14550 chips and am thinking of changing
to Linux are drivers for this version available.
PS I have direct contact with the makers of these cards having visited
the production in Taiwan. (Typical little back yard place.) So if you want
something sent back to the makers I can email it etc for you.
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