[plug] "Donations" required for library...

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Mon Jul 13 16:16:53 WST 1998

If anyone out there has a CD of software they wish to contribute to an 
"un-offical" PLUG CD library could they bring them along tommorow night, 
I will grab a copy on the spot.

What I propose is the following:
a) All software must either be "Freeware" or "Shareware"
b) Borrowing a CD requires a deposit of $10
c) Return of a CD results in a refund of $9 (difference to cover 
d) There is no time limit on borrowings - if you like it, keep it!

When we have a paid-up membership system, reduce deposit to $5 for members 
(with full refund). Only one borrowing per member on this scheme.

I am donating a box of 10 blank CDs to the library get things moving. What 
I would really like to lay my hands on would be a copy of StarOffice.

Current request list (changes welcomed):
a) StarOffice
b) KDE                      (bundle this with StarOffice?)
c) RedHat 5.1 (AXP)         [I have a copy of this]
d) Graphics utils           (ready for the GIMP talk)
e) ???????                  (suggestions anyone)

One of the machines that I will be bringing for the talk tommorow will be 
equiped with a CD-R. I really do not want to turn the tea/coffee 
discussion into a bazaar (UWA is the place for this) but I would like to 
kick this off ASAP.

David Campbell

PS: I must be careful or else whenever I come to UWA my machine will be 
dedicated to burning CDs. If it helps someone, I don't mind (as long as 
they don't break my hardware).
campbell at torque.net

"All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"

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