[plug] Disaster

Adrian Blockley blockley at murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jul 16 23:22:45 WST 1998

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Brett Manners wrote:

> I remember having a similar problem a while back. I deleted a partition
> using OS/2's fdisk and linux wouldn't boot. What had happen is that
> my linux partition had moved from /dev/hda6 to /dev/hda5 (the partition
> numbers all slid down one). To correct it,I think I boot linux with
> a boot disk and changed LILO or something similar, I'm not sure what, 
> to point to the /dev/hda5 instead of /dev/hda6.
> I also found that if you create partitions without using OS/2's fdisk
> (ie dos fdisk or linux fdisk), then OS/2's fdisk wouldn't work.
> (that is with OS/2 v3.0, I don't know about v4.0)

Me too! I was trying to rationalise my harddisk and got rid of some
unwanted partions.  The partitions were renumbered and linux no longer
booted.  I had to boot using the rescue disks change the references in
lilo.conf from the old to the new (ditto for fstab) and everything is back
to normal.




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