[plug] mIRC style irc clients for X

Christian cpayne at q-net.net.au
Sat Jul 18 18:35:45 WST 1998

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Peter Caffin wrote:

> hellraiser4 wrote:
> >
> >Christian Payne wrote:
> >
> >>There are *MUCH* better IRC clients for X than circus!
> I believe ya! cIRCus is *very* clunky. Still, it's still beta software
> (yet to get to release 1.0). It will probably end up being the most
> mIRC-like one out.. eventually.

I've dropped by the circus web page a couple of times since I first
downloaded it (9 months ago?) and it doesn't seem to have changed at all
since then!  Something tells me circus is going nowhere fast.
> After messing around with CLI-only Linux for ages, X Window System has
> been a blessing. It's accelerated my learning of Linux no end. Even with
> that though, all sorts of stuff that I want to get into later is sort of
> on the back-burner right now. Good X IRC clients, a prettier window
> manager (I'm looking forward to Enlightenment, I must say; those
> screenshots look great!), that sort of thing :).

IMHO, Afterstep is a pretty good window manager and KDE is a very good
windowing *environment*.  If you want an integrated, easy to use
environment then give KDE a look...
> >>ksirc is based on sirc (the Perl-based one) which means it extremely
> >>powerful scripting capabilities but it's also very easy to use and
> >>configure and is highly graphical.
> Sounds interesting. Is it one of the new apps created with the Perl
> compiler they were nattering on about at one stage on
> comp.lang.perl.misc?

No, it's written in C++ afaik - it's a wrapper of some sort on top of the
sirc client.
> Probably the sort of IRC client I'm eventually after then :). At the
> moment, I've been persevering with ircII in an xterm. 

Don't persevere!  Try ksirc. :)

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