[plug] Shotguns, Masq and ISPs

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Sun Jul 19 09:59:22 WST 1998

Here is something for people to chew over...

Last night someone asked me if Linux can:
  a) Act as an internet access gateway (I know the answer to this one)
  b) Load balance between two modems
  c) HDD space required for the above

The person in question lives in Rockingham, Telstra want to charge $15k to 
run an ISDN line to his premise (this does not include the $1.5k for the 
connection charge or the leasing costs). He runs a number of Win95 PCs 
which he admits are not the most stable of beasts. (ie: the Linux box does 
the dialling and Masq. to the other machines).

He has a couple of 56k modems and is wondering what is required to load
balance between the modems (aka "shotgun" approach using both "barrels".
I admit here that I have heard Linux can load balance between two modems
but the exact specifics I am not sure about. He mentioned that the ISP
has to do something at their end to support this (at least for Win95/NT 4
machines). Can Linux do this without any specific configuration at the
ISP end?

Currently he is assembling a box and has a 130MB IDE drive. I suspect
that this would be enough. He will not be compiling anything or running

Off topic bit for ISP people:
What are the ISP attitudes when dealing with such a case. I know that 
iiNet police the "one account, one dialin" strictly (I don't blame them). 
What sort of rates (compared to the standard accounts) would this incure.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for an ISP in the Rockingham area. 
The unnamed individual has had problems with iiNet accounts department 
(this is a LONG story, he LIKES the service but frustrated when dealing 
with the accounts people. A bit of paper slipped somewhere and he is out 
of pocket for a couple of hundred dollars).

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

"All parallel ports are equal - Some are more equal than others"

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