[plug] Shotguns, Masq and ISPs

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Sun Jul 19 10:58:43 WST 1998

> Last night someone asked me if Linux can:
>   a) Act as an internet access gateway (I know the answer to this one)
No problems...
>   b) Load balance between two modems
>   c) HDD space required for the above
enough for a reasonable install, plus a few smallish programs

> He has a couple of 56k modems and is wondering what is required to load
1st problem, I doubt any isp in rockingham support 56k connections. We
(Netway) have a POP down there and we find the lines to be crap at best,
many customers struggle to get 33600 most of the time.

> balance between the modems (aka "shotgun" approach using both "barrels".
> I admit here that I have heard Linux can load balance between two modems
> but the exact specifics I am not sure about. He mentioned that the ISP
> has to do something at their end to support this (at least for Win95/NT 4
> machines). Can Linux do this without any specific configuration at the
Yes we do, basically we need to ensure the same IP is assigned to both
modems which they dial into, otherwise each modem would have a different
ip - which no doubt would caudse problems, We also need to set it up so
that the traffic is sent reasonably equally (ballanced) thru the 2 lines.
So in short, yes u need to have the isp do something _most_ of the time 
> ISP end?
> > Currently he is assembling a box and has a 130MB IDE drive. I suspect
> that this would be enough. He will not be compiling anything or running
> X.
yeh thats plenty i would think.

> What are the ISP attitudes when dealing with such a case. I know that 
> iiNet police the "one account, one dialin" strictly (I don't blame them). 
> What sort of rates (compared to the standard accounts) would this incure.
We have the same policy, should our server find you on twice, both
accounts get disconnected. I dont know our official price off hand (its
not something people ask for everyday) but i suspect paying for 2 accounts
would be reasonable (ie for netway coastlink, 2x$30/mnth, for iinet
2xwhatever they charge in rockingham)

> Does anyone have a good recommendation for an ISP in the Rockingham area. 
Netway Coastlink :) (sorry bit biased here) www.coastlink.com.au

As a side note, when you say telstra was quoting him $x for the isdn,
where was that isdn going to? not perth i hope!
Most providers in rockingham would happily have isdn customers, which
would definately be cheaper since telstra charge based on distance for the
isdn by cable.

Will be interested to see comments from other ispy people, not sure if we
have any iinet guys on the list, but we have networx and q-net at least
(do either of you have pops in rockingham/mandurah????)

Gavin Tweedie
-Netway Internet

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