[plug] Barcodes

John Darrington j.darrington at student.murdoch.edu.au
Mon Jul 20 21:58:23 WST 1998

> Found Xbar on sunsite thanks.
> It actually has an X and a character-display executable.  The X version
> needs an extra library I haven't looked for yet.  Output is a variety of
> formats including gif and ps.
> It fails to produce output from an arbitrary string (invalid input).

If you select the format to be EAN 13, then type in a number from the
barcode on the back of any book, including the leading 9, then you 
should get the corresponding barcode.   On my machine, the X version
crashes as soon as you hit any key on the numeric key pad.  I don't
know if this is a  fault with X of with XBar, but I have to use the
number keys at the top of the keyboard.

> Looks like I need to read up on barcode standards.  Unfortunately the
> README is in German.

Don't worry too much about the readme file.  Basically it says :

If you want an output format which is not supported here, then you 
have two choices:

1.	Do it yourself
2.	Deposit 1 million Deutsch Marks into our Lichenstien bank account
and contact us.


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