[plug] WOW! BIG NEWS - A PC can have 2 USERS!!!

Terry Porter tp at gronk.apana.org.au
Tue Jul 21 12:48:20 WST 1998

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, David Buddrige wrote:

> Was just reading today's West Australian - it has a computing section every
> Tuesday... they had this article abou this new product called "Buddy" which
> allows you to have two people using a Windows 95/98/NT box at the SAME
> TIME!!!! (For a cost of $499)...  Maybe someone should ring the
> editor/joruno, and let them know about Linux - might drive the point home to
> yawn while you're telling them about it...  8-)  *bigh sigh*... *shake of
> head*
> regards
> David Buddrige
Yeah, what a hoot, it cant even handle dos, as it needs Windoze
"multitasking" abilities.

The paper wont be interested, they need Windoze advertising, just relax,
Linux is like the tide, and the tide is comming in.

2 days ago, I ran XmIRC on a Pentium and talked to myself via another
client on my box (Gronk). Nothing unusual here, so far.

Except the Pentium was connected to a Server(2.73 Bogos) running IPMASQ
(and firewalling) and the Server was in turn connected to an ISP.

Gronk is connected to the same ISP.

So I ran XmIRC on another box, via a firewall, from my box with X over the
net, via 28.8k modems.

 I suspect the performance was better than "Booby" on a pentium,
in fact the performance was quite acceptable, once the XmIRC window popped
up (about 20 min!).


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