[plug] WOW! BIG NEWS - A PC can have 2 USERS!!!

Peter Caffin synic at omen.net.au
Tue Jul 21 04:33:00 WST 1998

David Buddrige wrote:
> Maybe someone should ring the editor/joruno, and let them know about 
> Linux - might drive the point home to yawn while you're telling them 
> about it...  8-)  *bigh sigh*... *shake of head*

It probably wouldn't get you anywhere.

About a fortnight ago, I had a rant at the Editor of 'The West' about
the lack of an online newspaper for WA. In the course of the argument
(he's easily trolled, funny to read, btw), I commented that, with a
skilled sysadmin, he could probably automate most of the text news
publishing by adding scripts/specially written apps/network
configuration tweaks to save time and hours by working with their
current network.

I estimated that they'd really only need to spend money on the one
skilled sysadmin's wage, a few thousand for misc expenses, plus whatever
the size of the link they wanted would cost.

He disagreed vehemently and reckoned he'd been told $250K was a minimum
costing. He believed it. The people at 'The West' are the archetypical
example of the pointy-haired luser...

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