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Neil Hunt grover at technologist.com
Tue Jul 21 14:02:09 WST 1998

Sorry, what I meant is that when I retrieve my messages, the subject is not on them, instead it is buried in the body of the message, with all of the mail header details....  What i am currently
doing is using fetchmail to notify me that I have mail, and then Netscapes movemail to put it into netscape...  Somewhere in there the subject line is being removed, which makes filtering my
messages awfully difficult, and I get a rather large quantity, and without subjects, I cannot easily make sense of what is going on... :(

The fetchmail FAQ says something about changing deliver, and IDA sendmail, but I would'nt know where to start setting these up, couls someone please point out a nice reference that a relative Linux
newbie like me could understand?

[grover at huntcorp grover] fetchmail -V | head
This is fetchmail 4.5.3
Linux huntcorp.com.au 2.0.35 #1 Mon July 20 02:50:47 WST 1998 i586 Unknown

summer at os2.ami.com.au wrote:

> Eh?
> Nothing magic afai: here's what I get-
> <snip>
> [root at emu summer]# fetchmail -V | head
> This is fetchmail release 4.4.9
> Linux emu.my.ami.com.au 2.0.34 #4 Thu Jun 11 18:26:37 WST 1998 i586
> unknown
> btw fetchmail 4.5.2 is current.

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