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Adrian Blockley blockley at murdoch.edu.au
Mon Jul 20 19:35:50 WST 1998

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, steve wrote:

> Neil Hunt wrote:
> > I'm curious, what do people with dialup connections to an ISP use to
> > retrieve their mail from the server?  I'm investigating sendmail atm,
> > but it seems rather complicated (well the book is over 700 pages long),
> > beside using Nertscape mail, how would I go about setting up, say Pine,
> > to retrive my mail?
> >
> > Neil...
> I have been using a bash script i made up using the programpopclient
> the script runs popclient twice and retrieves the mail from my 2 email
> accounts.

Or you can use fetchmail which is a more recent version of popclient
(though I think it has been rewritten from the ground up).  It has lots of
extra features now such as a daemon mode that will check your server every
few minute while you are logged on.


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