[plug] Cable/card for Sun monitor, Novell network terminals

Gary Allpike spice at q-net.net.au
Thu Jul 23 15:51:21 WST 1998

On Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:34:18 +0800 (WST), you wrote:

>On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Gary Allpike wrote:
>> This plug is called a 13W3 connector.  Generally sun monitors are fixed
>> frequency, and will not function with standard PC video cards.
>Of course they will, you just got to tweak your XF86Config and TextConfig
>files - specify the right modelines for your hardware.
>ModeLine "1152x900" 89.946 1152 1160 1256 1456 900 900 907 936 -hsync -vsync
>for my 20" Sun (Hitachi) Colour Monitor. which syncs to 66Hz OR 74Hz 
>vertical only, and between 60 and 62 kHz Horizontal) 
>It has 5 BNC plugs on the back - Red, Green, Blue, Horizontal and
>Vertical Sync - I just got a patch cable made up that hooks these up to
>the relevant pins on the standard VGA plug.  I've seen a diagram for 13W3
>connectors on the 'net too, so you can make one up for your Sun monitor.
>This is on a "standard" ET6000 vid card.
>I've had this monitor run under win98 too, with a Matrox Millenium, which
>also allows you to specify modelines.
>TextConfig is the config file for svgatextmode so I can get this monitor
>to work on the linux console.. The only thing I can't do with it is run
>svgalib apps, because they ignore the modelines I've given it.. so no 20"
>Quaking :(
>The patch cable cost me $15 to get made up, and the monitor only $150, so
>it's a cheap way to get a decent picture size.
> - Matt

The important thing to note here is that you will not see bootup messages
or anything of that nature on the monmitor until svgatextmode kicks in.

The monitor of course also wont work with DOS/WIN/any other brain dead OS.



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