[plug] Bulk order time: Debian 2.0

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Fri Jul 24 07:11:51 WST 1998

> Date:          Fri, 24 Jul 1998 01:36:05 +0800 (WST)
> From:          The Thought Assassin <assassin at sleepless.south.networx.net.au>
> To:            plug at linux.org.au
> Subject:       [plug] Bulk order time: Debian 2.0
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> Debian 2.0 (Codenamed Hamm) is officially released 10:00 AM ACT, Friday
> Jul 24. Time to start organising an order.
> Is it better to bulk order from somewhere to reduce shipping cost, or to
> buy one copy between us and then burn,burn,burn?

I am planning to bring my CD-R box to the Tuesday night's meeting.
> Linux Software Labs Australia had a 1.3.1 (Bo) bundle comprising:
> 230 Page Manual, Binary CD, Source CD, "Custom & Extras" CD, and a copy of
> OpenLinux Lite (for some reason:) for 34.95

*check budget*, my experience is that I only grab the source when I need 
to port to some strange OS like VMS (almost finished the OpenVMS port of 

> I imagine most people will just be interested in the (two) Binary CDs 
> (Just $2.95 each from LSL), but if the equivalent is offered for Hamm,
> then perhaps we ought buy one such set as a shared resource?

I think we should:
a) collect orders (+1 for the library) and bulk purchase
b) burn copies for any late-comers from the library copy unless there is a 
   large demand.

At $2.95 a disc is far lower than what anyone with a CD-R can burn them. 
The cheapest price for a CD-R disk I have heard is $2.20.
> At any rate, I spose we'll see what is on offer, as the resellers are
> likely to lag a week or so behind the official release.

I think someone from the committee (or one of the comitted :) should give 
LSL a call and ask when could they have 10x 2 Disc Hamm binaries 

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

The feature freeze on Linux 2.1.x is starting to be
annoying. I say bring on Linux 2.3.x!!!

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