[plug] Debian 2.0 ISO Images

Gary Allpike spice at q-net.net.au
Fri Jul 24 13:52:35 WST 1998

I have available for download the debian 2.0 ISO images.

These are located at : ftp.linux.org.au/pub/debian-cd and at

The system is also setup for anonymous rsync.

At the time of writing, the binary-i386 image is almost done, and the other
images will follow it.

The non-free and non-free-non-us images are not official, and as such there
are not version 2.0 images available yet.


Gary Allpike

PS. I am working here at Q-Net on Sunday, so I will be able to burn a few
CD's for people. I'll only do the binary-i386 disk at this stage.  Anyone
that wants one, I'll take the first 5 emails cost will be $5

I'll also do a full set for someone to take to the meeting on Monday -
whoever is in charge of the PLUG library, please contact me to arrange

PPS I dont plan to D/L the source CD unless someone really wants it.

Gary Allpike - spice at q-net.net.au
System Administrator
Q-Net Australia    http://www.q-net.net.au
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