[plug] Ordering Hamm CDs.

The Thought Assassin assassin at sleepless.south.networx.net.au
Sat Jul 25 00:00:11 WST 1998

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, The Thought Assassin wrote:
> I mailed LSL Australia and requested info about what they intend to
> offer.
> Hopefully a reply will come tomorrow, but I suppose it could be monday
> before we hear.
I've recieved two emails already, and I must say I am impressed by the
turnaround time.
The results:
LSL have Hamm on their system, but have not yet burnt a trial copy.
AFAICT, they intend to do the necesary testing over the weekend, and will
start offering CDR copies sometime next week. Pressed copies will be
another 3 weeks away. For those who don't need pressed copies, and only
need the Binaries CD, I think a chat to Gary might be the best/quickest
They have no information as of yet about a printed User Guide for the new
release, though they still sell the 1.3.1 user guide (bundled with 3
Debian CDs and a Caldera one).
They intend to offer three CDs for Hamm. One will be the standard Binaries
CD, another the standard Sources CD, I am not sure exactly what they plan 
to do with the third Disc. Hamm has seen the seperation of "main" and
"contrib" onto two seperate CDs, because of the increasing number of
available packages. (For Redhat users: Debian's definition of contrib does
not mean "came from an external source" it means "dependent on non-free
software"). However, the "Contrib" CD is quite empty, AFAIK, so vendors
like LSL will probably put other things onto the third CD to fill up the
space. These are likely to include non-us packages, selected non-free
packages, or a few pertinent packages from unstable.
As to what LSL intend to do with the extra space, I don't know if they
have decided as of yet. Does anyone want to suggest something?


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