[plug] man pages in email again

John Darrington j.darrington at student.murdoch.edu.au
Sun Jul 26 12:10:21 WST 1998

A week or so ago, someone on this list asked how to format man pages
without the overstrikes for bold characters.  A few people came up
with hacks using sed, awk , perl etc.  

As I am a very considerate and caring person, I didn't take any notice,
because it didn't affect me, but I was sure there was a better solution 
to the problem.  However, I had this problem myself today, so here's how 
to do it properly:

      groff -Tlatin1 -P-b -mandoc /usr/man/man1/grotty.1

the -P-b is the crucial bit.  This suppresses the overstrikes 
from being there in the first place.  Which is a better way than
stripping them out afterwards (IMHO) .

look at man pages for gtroff, and grotty.

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