[plug] DNS name

Shackleton, Kevin kshackleton at agric.wa.gov.au
Sun Jul 26 14:37:22 WST 1998

I have a small problem I haven't figured out, on RH5.0 PCs.

I have 2 of these on this LAN, which is a subnet of a statewide network.
Both use the same name server, which is on another subnet.  Both can
ping machines by name machines on the name server's subnet, but neither
can ping the other by name on this LAN.  I don't know of any unix
machines on any other subnet to try out - there are routers and things
but they're not named AFAIK.

It appears that the name server is not learning of the names of the
Linux machines.

When I use tcpdump to track messages, a ping to the other machine
produces the request "who has <gateway ip number>".  To me it suggests
the machine is thinking that the gateway configuration is being treated
as a string.  netstat -r though shows the destination "default" to have
the correct gateway.

Any brilliant ideas?


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